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2020 National Veterans Golden Age GamesWelcome

Thank you for your interest in the 34th National Veterans Golden Age Games.

Due to venue space limitations, we unfortunately are not able to expand capacity for the event.

Registration is now closed as we have reached our maximum capacity of athletes.

There was a record number of 1,200 applications from 49 states in a record 2 ½ hours.

The interest in the National Veterans Golden Age Games is well beyond the interest we’ve had in the past as demonstrated by this year’s quick response by many to register immediately. 

If you were unable to register, and are interested in participating next year, the 35th National Veterans Golden Age Games will be held in Tampa, Florida -  July 10-15, 2021.

The National Veterans Golden Age Games team will continue to evaluate all options to see how we can accommodate as many Veterans as possible for future events.

We look forward to serving you.

If you have registered, we look forward to hosting you in Madison, WI.

If you would like to delete an event or deregister please email the NVGAG National Team.

Please use your confirmation number to update your registration and add your travel itinerary plans no later than April 27, 2020.

Click Next below to access your registration.