Alliant Energy Center- HALL D - 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison, WI 53713

Badminton Rule Sheet


Date Time Event
Tuesday, June 23 4:00 PM 75-79
Wednesday, June 24th 8:00 AM Doubles: 65-69
  12:00 PM Doubles: 55-59,80-84,85-89,90+
Thursday, June 25th 4:00 PM 70-74
Friday, June 26th 8:00 AM 55-59,80-84, 85-89, 90+
  12:00 PM 60-64
  4:00 PM 65-69
Saturday, June 27 8:00 AM Doubles: 75-79, 60-64, 70-74












  • can serve in accordance with badminton rules( below the waist);
  • can return serve;
  • understands the lines for singles and doubles, where to stand while serving and receiving, and which side of the court as points progress;
  • knowledge of basic rules of badminton.


  • able to clear (forehand and backhand to baseline), drop and smash;
  • footwork to 4 corners of the court;
  • able to serve very low just over the net to land just across the service line Or serve high and deep to the back;
  • able to follow tactical instructions;
  • knowledge of detailed rules of badminton.


  • able to move the opponent around the court to gain advantage and get ready for the winner(kill);
  • able to outlast the opponent in rallies with superior physical stamina;
  • able to play tight shots close to the net repeatedly if necessary without touching the net;
  • able to use accurate judgement to leave shots which are going out by a small margin;
  • able to form tactics against opponents;
  • able to vary tactics during matches;
  • knowledge of advanced rules and controversies.


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